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Guru Nanak – Born Divine

Guru Nanak was born with divine status. He was a celestial being and his divine attributes put him above mankind and its schools.

The Heavenly Spirit that contained Guru Nanak did not not learn from man-made institutions. Instead, he was a heavenly messenger born to the world, for the world, but not of the world.

As a divine teacher he taught mankind the path of righteousness and truth. His teachings were the heavenly embodiment of Divine Light itself.

The Message that Guru Nanak gave to this world, came to him directly from God as he confirms himself:

  • “O Lalo as comes the Divine Word from God to me So do I narrate it.” (Tilang Mohalla 1, p-722)
  • “I am saying what He commandeth me to say.” (Wadhans Mohalla 1, p-566)
  • It is also mentioned in the Janamsakhi (biography) that many times Guru Nanak said to his companion Mardana, “Mardana, play the rebec, the Divine Word is coming.”

Guru Nanak received the Divine Word from God and delivered to this world. Guru Nanak’s divinity is above all earthly institutions and their teachings.