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Types of Meditations


Meditation can loosely be considered as a relaxed, yet focused, state of heightened awareness.

Meditation as you may already know has many benefits. For this reason, meditation is popular in many walks of life.

History has shown that there seems to be an endless number of teachers popping up with there latest and greatest meditation technique as the solution to our problems.

I would say there are 2 general types of meditations:

  • Type -1 Meditation: Centers only around God.
  • Type -2 Meditation: Does not.

Type -1 Meditation focuses on chanting (either verbally or mentally) a name for The Formless God with the breathe. You can use any Name of God you prefer, but it is very important to use a Name for God that does not cause you to think of God in a body form. As God is beyond birth and death. When you limit God to a body, you are no longer talking about God. This Type – 1 Meditation causes you to glorify The One and Only Creator, God, and build a relation with Him. This Type -1 Meditation benefits everything! Body, mind, soul, situations and events for you and others … plus much much more beyond our comprehension!!

Type – 2 Meditation techniques mainly helps with lowering stress in the mind, which may benefit the body. It will not do anything for your soul. Nor it will not help in building a relationship with God.